Tuesday, July 7, 2009

25 Things You May Not Know About Me

My sweet friend, Jenny, tagged me into doing this, but I'm up for it!

1. Favorite Color- Blue
2. Favorite Food- Anything with Alfredo Sauce
3. Favorite Drink- Mountain Dew
4. Favorite Fun Activity- Travelling to Anywhere but Here
5. Favorite Movie- Amazing Grace
6. Favorite Book- Bridge to Terabithia
7. Favorite Music Group- Third Day
8. Favorite Make-up Product- Eye-lash Curler
9. Favorite Restaurant- Olive Garden
10. Favorite Hobby- Painting
11. Favorite Store- Hobby Lobby
12. What I drive- Chevrolet Malibu
13. Where I work- I work for Daniel. Stay at Home Mom.
14. Who I love- My Lord, My Husband, My Daniel...
15. When I was born- January 22nd, 1983
16. Newest Obsession- Oatmeal Creme Pies (I LOVE them all of a sudden)
17. Best Friend- Brian Johnson
18. Pets- Have None and Will Never
19. Children- 1 in Heaven and 1 on Earth, Daniel Benjamin
20. Husband- Brian
21. I am scared of- Bridges, and I have no idea why.
22. I wish- I could lose this baby weight plus some.
23. I dislike- Germs. Crying baby. Sleepyness.
24. I adore- My family.
25. I enjoy- Changes.

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Jenny said...

Love it!