Sunday, April 23, 2006

Let My Heart Rest In Pieces...

Sometimes things happen that change everything. They make the air smell different. The sky isn't quite as blue as it was before. The grass just isn't that green. Everything around you seems to keep moving, but you...

You are standing still.

This is where I've found myself. This is the road most of us have been down one too many times. It hurts not saying what you want to say and knowing how things can change in an instance.

There aren't answers to life's questions, and we are too small and unknowing to understand anything that happens in our lives. There is always something to be said though, and there is always someONE to look to.

Prayer is the most powerful tool, and He is always listening when it seems no one else is. Prayer is the one thing you have when we can't make sense of things; it's the one thing that can be said; it's the one thing that leads you to the ONE person who can make things right again.

Pray for the healing of brokenness... That's my only thought right now.

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