Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Turning Moments into Memories

When we received the news last week that Elias was going to have brain surgery on June 6th, I knew what I wanted to do in the two weeks we have leading up to it. I knew we had to have pictures, lots of fun, and tons of memories. I have been determined since signing consent forms to make his summer memorable for him (and us) considering the rest of it will be quite trying. I want him to do things he hasn't before, and I hope to let him do things he cannot over the next few months.

My heart is already filled with thankfulness that, in just a few days, we have done some of the things I imagined for him. You know, hearing a certain kind of news shouldn't dictate living our lives with intention and with purpose, but it sure has motivated me to do so. I had no clue this was coming, and while we never do, I have realized that each day being a gift is completely true.

God has given us both a possible answer with surgery and time to prepare for it, but we have known all along that life and what was to come has never been in our control. He has given us another day to rest in Him and to enjoy His glory. Isn't that what every single day should look like?!

In less than a week, Elias has had his five year pictures taken, found out he would be having a baby brother, ran through the Rivers of Tennessee fountains, chowed down on chicken and cheese crepes from the Farmer's Market, experienced the Nashville Public Library and its amazing Storytime, went bowling and had a "lucky" green ball, learned to ride a bike without training wheels, ate blue birthday cake kettle corn, and received the news that he would be having surgery. This sweet, wild child of ours is having a big summer. I am blessed to be a part of it, and because these moments have been so special to me, I wanted to share them.

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