Saturday, October 22, 2016

Teaching, Tying, and Timing

Do you know how many times we have tried teaching him to tie his shoes? For years, we have practiced, he gets discouraged, and we just leave it alone only to try again a few months later.

But, this morning, he wanted me to tie his shoe. I was busy. He started yelling seconds later because he tied it himself! All by himself.

As parents, there are so many things we try to teach our children, expecting and wanting them to figure it out right then. I am beginning to believe that God is actually using moments like these to teach ME to be patient and let them/it be. Continue to train and lead them, but wait on them (and Him) to learn it in their own time. It is much more rewarding for both parents and children when they learn it for themselves and take what we have taught them and make it their own. Statistics say hurry, but God says to trust in His timing.

Who knew something as small as his first tied shoe would teach me so much?!

Tying his own shoe for the 1st time

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