Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday and Birthday in One

Daniel's last night being 4

Waking up Easter morning to the LAST chain being gone!

SO exciting!

Easter Pictures in the Front Yard

This is typical.


Sweet Brothers

How old are you?  Show me!

Pictures at Mimi's after church...
Samuel was so over it.

The Johnson Family

Jenna and Jessica

Jenna and Brian

Ca and Daniel

Mimi and Grandboys

Mimi and Daniel

Opening his first gift...
A John Deere Gator from Grandpa.

Opening up his card from Aunt Cathy

Seeing his card from Pop and GranJu

Opening up his gift from Mom and Dad

He was so happy to get the My Spy Birdhouse!

Mimi surprised him with a TMNT Master Splinter.

A Ninja Turtle book!


His Ice Cream Cake with all the colors
because he loves them all.

Getting ready to blow out his candles!

Eating cake and ice cream

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