Thursday, December 1, 2011

Daniel and Christmas Decor

Daniel:  Mom, Daniel wanna go see Mickey Mouse (as we are pulling into the subdivision).
Mommy:  Okay, wait just a minute.  I have to get through the stop sign.
Daniel:  Okay.
Mom:  Look, there he is!
Daniel:  He's so pretty.  Go see Daddy.
Mom:  (turning the car around) Tell Mickey "Good Night."
Daniel:  Night Mickey (and noticing the nativity scene to Mickey's left), bye-bye God-Jesus.

Daniel:  It's our tree!
Mom:  Do you like it?
Daniel:  I love it!

Mommy to Daddy:  I cannot understand why he (our neighbor) would decorate the front and the back of his house with lights.  Seems like a waste.
Two Days Later
Daniel:  Look, look!  (standing at the kitchen window, admiring the back of our neighbor's house)
Mom:  What is it?
Daniel:  It's lights!  Come look, Mommy.
Mom:  Oh, I see.  They are wonderful.
Daniel:  They are on the trees, on the house...  They are big, big!

Daniel:  (pulling in the driveway)  I wanna see more, more lights.

Daniel:  Can Daniel's house get lights?

Mom:  Daniel, look out Samuel's window.  I see a big tree with lights!
Daniel:  I can't not see it.
Mom:  Keep looking, baby.
Daniel:  I can't not like it.
Mom:  Why?
Daniel:  It's too little.

Daddy:  Jesus is the what?
Daniel:  ...the light of da world!

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