Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Big Christmas Surprise

I have to be honest, there isn't much that really surprises me.  However, this year despite awesome gifts, what caught me by surprise was the overwhelming response I would receive when answering the once-a-year question, "What is Santa going to bring you?" 

I, of course, answered for each of my children when this question was turned in our direction, because let's face it, our kids don't know who that white-bearded man is!  In fact, Daniel calls him, "Snowman."  Almost every stop we made during the weeks leading up to Christmas met us with this age-old question, and I was shocked and overwhelmingly disappointed at people's responses when I explained that Santa wouldn't be visiting our house.  I would quickly exclaim that Daniel and Samuel would be getting three gifts from their parents just as Jesus received three presents from the wise men.  We'd be celebrating the true miracle of Christmas, the One who lives in our hearts, and not the one in the world's imagination.

Well, you would think these people believed I was depriving our boys due to the fact that Santa wouldn't be coming, when I feel as though we are giving them the greatest gift there is - truth and life!  I wish I could explain the looks on these women's faces as the disappointment welled up within them.  I wish I could tell you how sorry I felt for each of them.  I wish I could have shaken their shoulders and helped them to understand that our decision was best for our family.  There was no way to do this, because the pitiful truth is that "Santa" has become what Christmas is about. 

Whether we'll admit it or not, our society is obsessed with Santa Claus.  He is everywhere the day after Halloween, and strangely enough, he is a whopping 66% off the day after Christmas.  How sad is that?!  We wrap ourselves up in this falsehood that has nothing to do with what this holiday was intended to be about, and I am absolutely certain that my children are better off without him.

However, what would break my heart is knowing that I didn't take the opportunity each year (and on a daily basis, more importantly) to teach our boys about the Baby that came to die for their sins.  He came to take away the sadness the world experiences once Christmas day is over.  He came for them as the most precious and priceless gift that was ever given, and He was given to them

What surprised me most this year was the fact that people could not see how important this Baby was to our family!  We turned to Him rather than a man in a red coat to give gifts to our children.  And you know what?  Our boys were thrilled with their three gifts!  They are the gifts they are still playing with three days following the holiday.  My heart is overjoyed with the miracle that is Jesus Christ, and I pray that one day, He'll surprise my children with the great gift of salvation.  This is what Christmas means to me.

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