Monday, November 14, 2011

Strange Sightings

I woke to the sound of Daniel screaming my name last night around 3 a.m.  While I wasn't exactly coherent, I came to find that he wasn't either.  Upon my arrival, he had pulled his pillow and blanket into the floor and was hiding underneath them.  I uncovered him only to discover that he wasn't really awake...

"Alligator, watch out!" he exclaimed.

I tried to get Daniel to explain this profound sighting, but he continued blabbering on about the alligator.  He was telling me it was green and that it was on the basketball in the corner of his room.  He was so clear in his details that I almost believed him.  I didn't think I would EVER calm him down. 

I got down in the floor, and he covered me under his blanket, still explaining that the alligator was in the room.  This literally went on for 15 minutes, until I realized he was scared.  I picked up him, his pillow, and his blanket and carried them all into the living room and put them on the couch, where he was still certain that we needed to "watch out" for the alligator.

Daniel has done things like this before, but now, I'm absolutely certain that we have a sleep talker on our hands!  It was the sweetest, strangest thing I'd ever seen, knowing he was fast asleep but was carrying on a very serious conversation!

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