Saturday, November 19, 2011

Overwhelmed Much?

I am reminded on numerous occasions how overwhelming being a stay-at-home parent really is.  I wish I could say that most days are rosy and that the boys and I are busy doing crafts and learning their ABCs, but let's face it...

Just Tuesday afternoon, while I ran into the master bath for a quick restroom break, I had no idea how overwhelmed I'd be once I walked into the living room.  In the short time it took me to use the restroom, Daniel had snapped two of his train sets together on the coffee table, opened the fridge (on his own), climbed the fridge shelves, got out the carton of eggs, brought them into the living room, encouraged his brother to partake in the fun, and proceeded to crack every single egg onto the tracks, which of course, ended up all over the coffee table, my carpet, and the two of them!  I should've taken a picture, but I was so frustrated with the situation that I didn't even yell.  "Daniel, really?!" was all I mustered up to say.  The clean-up process literally took an hour.  UGH.

Then, on Wednesday morning, I had the great privilege of sharing our pregnancy news with my local MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) group.  When asked what the ages of my other children were, I replied that I'd have kids that were "3, 2, and new," and to my not-so surprise, the women (who are all mothers themselves) gasped...  All 50+ of them!  Moments like that are both exciting and overwhelming, because I realize that having three under three will not be easy.  Having two isn't easy...  Honestly, having one isn't easy. 

Having children is a constant OVERWHELMING adjustment, and it's one I adore most of the time.  There are days that I wonder how God decided I would be capable of this.  However, I'm realizing that God's grace is enough for me.  It's sufficient in these overwhelming moments of parenthood.  I'm learning that I cannot survive without His grace.  In fact, each day would be even more challenging than it already is without my life in Christ.  It's a blessing knowing that this is the life God chose for me.  He decided that the two boys who are destroying my nicely, vacuumed living room right this minute would be perfect for me.  I get shell-shocked everytime I think of that.  What's really overwhelming is that God gave me this beautiful, little life, and it's mine to enjoy if I will.  How can I not be overwhelmed by His grace when I picture these overwhelming moments like that?!

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travisandkatie said...

We somehow missed the big news until just now! Congratulations!!!! :)