Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Too Fast

My boys are growing so quickly that I cannot find time to write about them.  Seriously.

Samuel is a little chunk.  He was so little at birth (as compared to Daniel), but now, he is suddenly so big and outgrowing clothes and diapers faster than Daniel EVER did.  I found him on his belly in his bed the other night, so he's busy rolling over now.  He loves the bath too, but he's so big that he barely fits on his bath net.  It's so precious when he looks up and smiles at us.  Samuel is such a calm, happy baby. 

Daniel is a little comedian.  He's busy all day long laughing and throwing fits just to get my attention.  His favorite word is "Hello," and he literally says it one thousand times a day.  He likes eating peanut butter and banana sandwiches and pretending to give us a bite then stealing it away only to put the food in his own mouth.  Daniel is such an energetic, loving child.

The best part about my boys growing is that they are growing to love one another.  Daniel runs to the bedroom every morning waiting to see Samuel.  He stands at the gate until I lift Samuel into his view, and Daniel will begin with his "Hello" marathon of the day.  If we leave Samuel on the couch or anywhere in Daniel's reach, he is going to find his way onto the baby.  He doesn't hurt him...  Daniel just kisses him, gives hugs, and touches Samuel's fingers, toes, and belly.

It's all happening so quickly, but it's an incredibly blessed time. 

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