Tuesday, September 21, 2010

17 Already...

I know, it feels like yesterday that he was only 16 months old, but Daniel is seriously growing up right before our eyes.  He does things daily that astonish me and guide me into believing that tomorrow he'll be starting Kindergarten. 

In Daniel's 17th Month, He:
Wore a size 18-24 month clothes.
Was in a size 5 1/2 in shoes.
Had a weird cough most of the month.
Weighed over 26 pounds.
Rode on Mom's back in the Beco all the time.
Loved to swing.
Enjoyed playing with Addy.
Did NOT like going down the slide.
Always was screaming and smiling.
Liked eating chicken, grapes, Teddy Grahams, etc.
Loved Thomas the Train DVDs and toys.
Threw "balls" to anyone who would catch them.
Found a way to climb onto everything.
Loved to bite people...  and himself.  I know.
Pretended to vacuum.
Began helping to clean up.
Pulled EVERYTHING off of the shelves and dressers.
Pulled clothes and shoes out of drawers.
Dumped his toy buckets over a million times a day.
L-O-V-E-D going to Mother's Day Out.
Brought us his shoes to put them on every morning.
Began saying, "Shoe."
Said "Hel-wo" all. the. time.
Waved "bye-bye."
Would touch his belly if you asked him where it was.
Liked holding his own books.
His eyes would light up when he saw his school lunch box!
Shared his first Cheetos with Grandpa.
Liked listening and dancing to music.
Had a blast with the headphones at Lifeway.
Adored his baby brother.
Kept his feet on the table when he snacked.
If you said, "Take a drink," he'd do it.
If you said, "Get your cup," he'd go get it.
Would knock on the door or window.
Loved being "side."  (outside)
Went to LOTS of birthday parties.
Grew about 4 or 5 new teeth!

Here are some more things Daniel did in his 17th month:

Was braver than snot climbing all the way to the top 
in the McDonald Play Place.
He did get stuck, not realizing he'd have to slide down.
Mommy had to climb up and get him.

Loved sitting in Mommy's old "play" desk.

Enjoyed other kids' birthday toys.

Took naps on his own.

Found a NEW way to get the remote controls.

Played with Addy a lot this month... 
Here they are on Labor Day in her play room.

Eating watermelon shirtless on Labor Day.

It was Wednesday.
Mother's Day Out is ONLY on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
He REALLY wanted to go...

Grandpa brought goodies on this visit...
Cheetos and Strawberry Fanta.

Daniel's drawings...

Oh Wow.  Listen, Mommy.

Celebrating Mimi's birthday at Painturo's.
Mouth FULL of teeth!

Loving on Brother.

Kicked back, eating a snack.
He wants his lunch box with him all the time.

Riding down the slide with Daddy.

At the park with Tucker and Addison.
Finding rocks and explaining what he thinks about them.

With the Birthday Girl, Miss Addy.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this. I click everyday to see if you have updated.
And I mean everyday.
It's my morning routine. :)

Kiss your sweet boys for me. Miss you guys.