Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 Months and Counting...

Our sweet Samuel turned three months old this week...  I know, right?!

In his 3rd month, Samuel:
Weighed 12 lbs.
Was 23.5 inches long.
Finally outgrew his newborn clothes.
In fact, he skipped 0-3 months altogether.
Now wears size 3 months.
Wore size 1 diapers.
Smiled all the time.
Slept at least 5 hours every night.
Got lots of kisses from his big brother.
Would attempt to sit up on his own.
Disliked "tummy time."
Cooed and giggled at Mommy.
Started shedding some of his thick, dark hair.
Had his first round of antibiotics for a cold.
Took his shots like a PRO.

Samuel also:

Loved playing with Daddy.

Finally grew "into" his legs.
These pants were SO big just a few weeks ago!

Started holding his head up and looking around.

Deeply disliked bath time.
Every time.

Did I mention he smiled at Mommy all of the time?!


His eyes seemed much bluer and his hair more red.

His neck and arms were getting stronger!

Was so loved by his big brother, Daniel!

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