Sunday, August 22, 2010

16? Surely Not.

Daniel turned 16 months old this week, and this dear old mom forgot to post.  So, a couple of days late, here is what Daniel has been up to this past month:

In His 16th Month, Daniel:
Loved on his baby brother.  A lot.
Poked Samuel's eyes. 
Found his belly.
Started kissing.  Awww.
Waved bye-bye all. the. time.
Began drinking from a straw!
Cut teeth all month long.
Had 11 teeth.  (3 of them are molars!)
Weighed 25.75 lbs and was 31.5 inches tall.
Wore size 4 diapers.
In size 5-6 shoes.
Leaning toward 18-24 months in clothes.
Really enjoyed "squeaker" shoes.
Was a dancing fool!
Fell in L-O-V-E with Thomas the Train.
Got a bunch of consignment goodies.
Favorite was definitely a Thomas flashlight.
Or his Tonka truck.
Or his Thomas movie.
NO, it was his XYLOPHONES!
Sits and plays all day long.
Can find a piano ANYWHERE in a room.
Got a toddler swing for his swingset.
Started saying:  "Side" (aka outside),
"Tank-you" (thank you),
"Ju" (for juice),
"H-I-G-K" (they're out of order, but he's saying parts of the alphabet),
"I do it" (obviously),
and "No" (need I say more?!).

Daniel ALSO:

broke the DVD/VCR player,
forcing Daddy to buy another one,

ate at Steak N' Shake with our dear friends,
the Harris family,

played "Side" (outside) in the sprinkler with Daddy,

loved stomachs and pulling shirts up to find everybody's,

made his baby brother cry often
while trying to be sweet,

took naps with Mommy...

and Daddy,

got acquainted with banana nut muffins,

played in his brother's toys,

had so much fun in the sun,

liked stealing Mommy's sunglasses,
showing off,
and telling every person we passed, "Hey!"

started Mother's Day Out for 2 days a week,

Daddy left us a note the morning he started,

loved the fountains at the Streets of Indian Lake,


loved Oreo cookies,


most importantly,
Daniel really loves Samuel.

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