Thursday, May 20, 2010

13 Months Old

In his 13th month, Daniel:
Visited his Mommy in the hospital on his birthday...
Saw the Parthenon for the first time.
Tried out his new swimming pool.
Loved it!
Ate lots of bananas, NutriGrain bars, smiley snacks...
Learned to say Elmo - which sounded more like "Mel-mo."
Learned to say Abby - which sounded more like "Addy."
Began saying yellow - which sounded more like "Weh-yo."
Had abnormal bloodwork at 12 month visit.
Retested normal!
Saw the Nashville Flood of 2010 in his Mimi's neighborhood.
Loved, loved, loved his basket of books!
Waited on his little brother to arrive.
Added the 7th tooth to his mouth.
Liked biting Mommy.
She has scars to prove it.
Liked sticking his hands into toilets, cups, almost anything that is liquid.
Learned to shut doors.
Cried when he realized he couldn't get the doors open.
Was really into the movie, "Cars."
Started putting any object to his ear and said, "Heh-yo." 
That's his "Hello."
Walked all of the time.
Got his first haircut!
His Aunt Jessica did it for him!
Loved playing and sharing with friends.
Enjoyed visiting Pierce and going to his 1st birthday party.
Figured out how to move the superyard gate while inside it.
Thus, figured out how to make us get rid of it.
Bit into a styrofoam basketball and ate some of it.
Liked eating beans. 
Slobbered and drooled A-L-L  T-H-E  T-I-M-E.
Found himself in a pair of his little brother's shorts.
Mommy changed all the drawers around in the boys' room.
Daddy didn't realize it.
Daniel was wearing 0-3 month shorts...
Got his first high fever - 103.5 - and visited the E.R.
Stayed sick for days...
Didn't eat much of anything.
Had a really hard time whenever anyone left our house.
Would cry until you took him outside to watch them leave.
Was big on hugs...
and exploring people's faces with his fingers.
Wanted to eat whatever you were having.
His "Little Brother" was busy keeping everyone waiting.

 Touching Mommy's teeth at Baptist Hospital

Crawling in front of the Parthenon while Mommy was in the hospital

What a fun day out with Daddy!

Daniel's first reaction to the swimming pool in his backyard

Look how big this sweet boy is!

Waiting to get his 12 month shots...

After getting his shots and his Blues Clues' sticker,  
he was all tuckered out.

Pointing to all of the water in Mimi's neighborhood

Who knows which of his parents he takes after - 
considering the two of them together 
probably have more books than their city's library!

Playing in the new room he will share with "Little Brother"!
He just so happens to love playing in the hamper.

Loving on Mommy on Mother's Day 2010

Hugging on his Mimi on Mother's Day

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