Saturday, December 2, 2006

So It Proved Itself Controversial...

I went to see the Dixie Chicks concert tonight. A few years back when they came to Nashville before all of the nonsense started with big mouths and huge egos, I missed out on seeing them because of money issues. This time around, I swore, despite the controversy, I would be there. So tonight, I'm more than likely going to start my very own controversy because I feel like sharing.

I never imagined that just telling people I was going would cause such heated discussions on politics, and anyone who knows me knows that I'm not one to just jump feet first into political debates. However, I've found that being a Chicks fan has gotten me into a few uncomfortable situations since those 12 words were spoken two years ago.

I will never say that she was wrong or right for what she said, but I will say that I have never admired someone more than I admire the Dixie Chicks tonight. They stood on that stage united by a common bond, proud and unwilling to let their freedom of speech be taken from them. Yes, they made jokes, and they walked out in true "Presidential" form. But, when she sang those few lines about, "And how in the world can the words that I said send somebody so over the edge that they'd write me a letter, saying that I better shut up and sing or my life will be over?!," I really understood why I had backed them this whole time despite my being a Republican.

It's not about whose side I'm on. It's not about how I vote. It's not even about whether I like W or not. Honestly, the truth is, like it or not, he's the President, and my liking him or not has nothing to do with this. He has made some awful choices. He has made some terrible sacrifices. He has done some horrible things that will always effect this great country. What president hasn't?! They've all made their fair share of mistakes, and when they leave the office, the bad things they've done are what we'll usually remember. I'm sure Natalie Maines had some of those decisions Bush had made in her mind when she made her comment, and I don't blame her. We all have somehow been affected by the choices every president has made, and yes, we have the right to speak out about it. So, good for HER.

What's been not so good for her is the negativity the comment brought, which she SHOULD HAVE expected as soon as it left her lips. Being from a southern state, she should know that when you speak out against your own, your own will turn on you. It's just a proven thing around here. I remember thinking that I'd never be able to support the Chicks again after having heard that because they weren't patriotic and didn't care about our country. I remember feeling so torn because I LOVED their music, which was what I was ALL ABOUT anyway, but thinking that I should get rid of it. I was still young, and I was slowly learning. Natalie Maines was a good example during my youth.

I didn't burn my cds like most people did. I didn't actually listen to them as often; honestly, I probably haven't pulled any of the old ones out until tonight when I got back from the concert. I bought the new cd the night it came out, and played it over and over again, trying to understand what they were feeling. And the more I listened, the more I learned that it wasn't about coming out on top or selling more records or being better than someone else. It was about accepting the fact that she had made a comment that may have offended some but she would defend herself no matter what. If that meant losing her career, she was willing. They had faith in themselves when NO ONE else did. To me, that should be the true controversy here... While we were busy fighting over which "team" we were on, they were chasing a dream. I'm just glad I was there and was a part of it tonight.

I support the Dixie Chicks, and yes, I enjoy their big fat mouths. They announce things we only dream of saying out loud.

And by the way, their music, yes, it was INCREDIBLE. 2 and a half hours of nonstop musical genius.

Now, with that being said, I must comment on the fact that I support Bush as well. I support him because he is my president, and when it came down to my vote, I placed my trust in him. As for events that have occurred throughout his time in office, I will never say anything disrespectful about someone who is making most of the decisions for the United States. I don't always agree, but for now, I have decided that our country can either stand united DESPITE who is living in that mansion or we can divide. Seems to me that we spend too much time worrying over which side we're on rather than the issues themselves. I honestly believe where this country went wrong was not with Bush or Nixon or anyone for that matter; it's when they lost faith in God. They lost hold of what our country was founded upon. The things our forefathers held so dear mean nothing to us today. We'll bash anyone who has an outspoken opinion, and we'll let any guilty man go free. Just seems to me that even patriotism has reached an all-time low. The polls were full in November with many waiting 3 and 4 hours, but people went not knowing the issues, what matters most.

It's not about what SIDE I'm on. It's not about WHO I support. It's WHAT matters to me most, and HOW I am going to go about making a difference. Standing up for what I believe in starts now; for some reason I think we've all been a little too scared to see the truth.

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