Thursday, August 13, 2015

Our Homeschool Notebooks

I mentioned our "Homeschool Notebooks" in a previous post.  They are new to us, and yes, I totally made that name up.

I really wanted to teach each of the boys to work independently this year.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew I had to incorporate it somehow.  Doing so with Elias would be quite difficult, so I really had to work on his Homeschool Notebook.  Each child has a binder with their individual work in it.

What helps them work independently is their own Assignment Page, and they mark off their assignments as they finish them with a dry erase marker.  I have written on them with a sharpie and inserted the page into a page protector.  

Daniel and Samuel have sight word work in theirs.  Each week, they are working on the pre-primer, primer, and 1st grade Dolch sight word lists, and I have printables for them to do.  They reinforce what they are learning as they visualize their words over and over.  I LOVE seeing them do these, and I actually let them choose these online out of a few choices.  These are from a site I love as a former educator!  I am also having them do sight word sheets I created as a teacher.  :)

Elias' notebook/binder is quite different!  It's more interactive, and he uses his the entire time we are in the homeschool room. It's in three sections:  shapes, colors, and letters.  I found different printables online that were free or inexpensive to print at home, then I divided them into sections using labeled tab dividers.  I will say that I know how rough and tough Elias is, so I opted to print on nice, thicker paper - not cardstock - but it is of a thicker quality.

Elias does one page out of each section a day.  I am also coming up with other ideas and activities for him from my days of teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten to supplement.  I do believe I will add to the binder because he LOVES it.  

Here are the printables I use and found online.  I am so thankful and blessed by the women who created these!  What a blessing they have been thus far!  

Do a Dot Shapes Set 1 by Honey Homeschool Mama (small cost - totally worth it)
Shape Coloring Pages by Cassie @ 3Dinosaurs (not shown)
Shape Trace & Color by Cassie @ 3Dinosaurs (not shown)

Color Dot Marker Words by Cassie @ 3Dinosaurs 
Color Coloring Pages by Cassie @ 3Dinosaurs 
Color Word Playdough Mats by Cassie @ 3Dinosaurs
Color Preschool Printables simplified for Elias but created by Jenna Johnson

ABC Do-a-Dot Marker Printables by Homeschool Creations
A-Z Do-a-Dot Worksheets by Confessions of a Homeschooler
ABC Coloring Pages by Cassie @ 3Dinosaurs 
ABC Letter Find by Cassie @ 3Dinosaurs
ABC Tracing & Dot Find by Cassie @ 3Dinosaurs

If you have any questions at all, please contact me.  I can take NO credit for this myself.  


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