Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Just a Typical Snow Day...

The rest of our county is closed for a snow day (the 8th consecutive day, to be exact), but as a homeschooling family, we just PLOW on through since we are stuck inside due to freezing temps and ice-covered driveways.

This week, we moved to the kitchen table because our classroom has been so cold as the exterior room in our house. Plus, the flexibility and change are so nice.

Daniel (Age 5, Kindergarten) is busy learning to read. He is amazing me with how quickly he is catching on. Some days he gets frustrated easily, but other days, like today, he was determined to read. He sounded out his 9 sentences with such joy, and I was incredibly happy for him! He's working on sight words and focusing on phonics.

Samuel (Age 4, Pre-K) is reviewing/learning phonetic sounds of the alphabet, pre-primer sight words, and sounding out the beginning and ending sounds of cvc words. He loves to work and work!

Elias (Age 2) is busy cutting, gluing, making messes, and being made to clean them up. Such was today.

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Adrian said...

I have a feeling I'm gonna need your K advice when teaching Cade to read. Cole basically taught himself at age 3 and was reading chapter books by age 5. Cade is entirely different and cares nothing about a book...ha! I may be calling you! :)