Thursday, October 24, 2013


People don't actually know how well our 3 year old talks.  In fact, they believe he doesn't talk at all.  He's quite shy and quiet in crowds and classrooms, but get him alone and he'll amaze you with his words.

After getting off the phone with his Mimi, Samuel turns around and tells Daniel,
"Mimi's busy right now.  We can't go there.  She's going to the firecracker.  Okay, Daniel?!"
Firecracker = Chiropractor

Speaking with his Daddy on the phone,
"Daddy, is Mema gone to Heaven yet?"
Daddy is staying in West TN with Mema until she passes.  Prayers appreciated.

Explaining what he'd like to do,
"Can I color?  I mean, with a marker.  That would be good."

Telling Daddy about his day,
"Daddy, Mills and Rowdy and Henry came to play, and I shared."

After tracing his letter Ff's, he decided to draw on the back of the sheet (with a marker), and this is what he said,
"Hmmm, what did I forget?  Oh, I see.  Ears.  (draws them)
Earrings too.  (draws them)  Hmmm, what else did I forget?  The sun.  I'll give the sun eyes and a mouth, and now, it can talk."

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