Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh. My. Words.

Words.  Daniel at 3 years and 4 months old has quite the vocabulary.  However, I've noticed lately that there are a few phrases and words that he just cannot figure out.  He cracks me up with how serious he takes it if we try to correct him.  Instead, he continues to pronounce these wrong, and I cannot help but laugh out loud!

  • Lappy Tappy (one of Daniel's favorite candies)
  • Lemolaid (pronounced lim-O-laid; one of Daniel's favorite drinks)
  • Chicken Lay (Daniel's favorite place to eat)
  • Magetnets (pronounced mag-get-nets; things Daniel uses to hang his artwork on the fridge)
  • Samulich (promounced sam-uh-litch; one of Daniel's favorite meals)
Daniel also has become an imitator.  He says things he's heard others say, and he now repeats them CONSTANTLY.  It is hilarious (and scary) when he talks because we have NO idea what he's going to come up with.  Here are a few things he's saying lately and where he's heard them:
  • Hun (Daniel hears this from me all the time, and now, he completes most of his sentences with it.)
  • Son (I say this to him when I am trying to get his attention, and he now calls everyone he knows, "Son.")
  • Honey (He'll say this when he REALLY wants something.)
This happened one night before bed when Daniel wasn't wanting to go to sleep:
  • Me:  I love you, Daniel. 
  • Daniel (to Daddy):  No, she does NOT.
Daniel gave his thoughts on my Barbeque Cups one night:
  • Me:  Did you eat supper with Daddy?
  • Daniel:  No, you made them too hot.  I don't love spicy.
What Daniel says about school:
  • "We didn't go to chapel.  Not today.  Ugh."
  • "Isabel hit me in the booty.  I don't like that."
  • "I ate my lunchable all gone.  See, Mom?"
  • Me:  Daniel, what does bear start with?  "D."  Me:  No, it doesn't.  Try again.  What does ball start with?  "D."  Me:  Do you mean B?  "Yeah, Mom.  That's what I was trying to tell you.  Listen."

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