Tuesday, September 20, 2011

16 Has Never Been So Sweet!

In His 16th Month, Samuel:
Still weighed 22 lbs.
Was 30.5 inches tall.
Walked full time...  still wobbly.
Wore size 12 month clothes.  STILL.
Wore a size 5 or 5 1/2 extra wide in shoes.
In size 4 diapers.
Had really sensitive skin.
Disliked heat and outdoors.
Was extremely shy.
Preferred his Mom and Dad over anybody.
Was not a fan of anyone.
Liked to be left alone.
Hated being pushed or bothered.
Was climbing on everything!
Loved Mommy's jewelry.
Like pretending to drive.
Was walking all over the place.
Often blew kisses.
Waved bye-bye a lot!
Loved to be going.
Always was pretending to pray.
Learned that Aunt Ca got married!
Became pretty smitten with Uncle Dustin.

Some of Samuel's Firsts Happened this Month:
  • Drank from a straw
  • Told us he had pee-peed in his diaper
  • Ate his first Oreo.
Favorite Things:
Food(s):  sweets, cake
Toy(s): balls, books, red car, and Elmo
Show(s): Sesame Street
Movie(s): Elmo in Grouchland, Cars
Snack: goldfish, raisins, chips
Song: I'm a Little Teapot
Words He was Saying: hi. ball. bye-bye. night. daddy. momma. cup. caw (car). go. mik (milk). Pa (grandpa). Ca (aunt jessica). Mimi.  hun-gee (hungry).  Dan-yule (Daniel).  Amen.  tank you.  peez (please).
Thing to Do:  play alone, watch movies, ride in the red cozy coupe
People: Daddy and Mommy

Some Other 16th Month Highlights:
Climbing the couch with Daniel

Taking a bath with Brother

Sweet, smiling Samuel

Riding in his red car

Flying in the dark

Getting hugged (or choked) by Daniel

How he got this bag of chips, I'll never know!

After his first Oreo

Drinking milkshake from a straw

Reading with Pop

"Driving" Pa's farm truck

"Praying" before desert

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