Monday, April 23, 2007

Everything and In Between...

I guess it's been a month or two since I blogged last, actually it could have been days, weeks, or years, and I wouldn't have noticed. There's this little thing called marriage I've been engulfed in recently, and my life has been tossed to and fro. I don't say that to sound as if it's a bad thing; I say that because God has been in complete control of us every single step of the way. In just three short months, my newlywed husband and I experienced more than most people do in lifetimes. From becoming an item on January 23, to getting engaged just 8 days later on the 31st, having our first kiss that very night, getting married a mere 2 months after that on March 31st, traveling to the Grand Canyon and experiencing God's GLORY in a HUGE way, going to Texas for a best friend's A-mazing wedding, coming home to have one of our biggest trials yet... Not to mention the little things we've learned along the way... like how to tell the other no, when to leave the room, how to end a movie, when it's time for "bed," managing time and money, making room for friends, learning to cook and clean and everything in between...

Life is good, though. It's hard at times. It's oftentimes overwhelming, but at those times when I think it is, he's right there beside me, holding my hand. And even when he's not, my Lord is, which is even better. I've learned that writing my experiences is too difficult. They are something I'm taking in and completely loving every second of. Wait on the Lord, for His grace is sufficient and His plans are too great to not wait for. I'm living proof of that.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore you.
I hope it's not wrong of me to be a little jealous of your married life...(envious only in good ways!)

I love that you are so beautifully honest in ways that only you are. Gives hope to the rest of us. Keep your faith, gorgeous girl. You'll be fine.

love you always.